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can't play out my fantasy alone, so I do the next best thing I imagine and want you are here watching me? I light scented candles and place them around the bathroom, I fill the tub with steamy water and my favorite bubble bath. Then I slowly remove my clothing as though I am doing a striptease for you my man? And letting my clothes fall where they may in a heap on the floor as I playfully tosse them aside. I climb into the tub and into a sitting position as I reach for the sponge, my breasts floating just above the steaming water and bubbles. I slowly soap my body with the scented bubbles and the sponge. Then watching as the bubbles disappeared to reveal creamy white skin tinged with pink from the heat of the water. My sensitive nipples are erect and aching with the need to be touched, I slide down further placing my feet on the rim of the tub as I would if I was shaving my legs. Now only my breasts and the calves of my legs are visible for you? the rest of my body is engulfed in steaming water and scented bubbles. I can feel little wave let caressing my clit beneath the bubbles. I begin to move my hips to increase the sensation as one of my hands slides from my shoulders to breast to tease and touch nipples, other hand slides down body over my hips to the inside of my and then to slit. I spread my lips with first and third finger, and begin jerking with my hot oily hand. All the while imagining that you are here stroking ur and caressing balls as you watch me. I begin to run finger from clit to the opening of vagina, increasing both the pace and the intensity as I imagine watching you. You increase your speed to match mine, this only excite me more, I begin to finger my hot wet with every downward stroke. I imagine watching you cum ur sperm spurting as ur jumps and jerks, ur cum is running down to cover ur hand, and balls. Finally I have my own orgasm. My hips rock, spasms and all my body shudders with the force of it. The once steaming water is tepid now, I climb out of the tub and wrap myself in a fluffy bath sheet and blows out the scented candles. I dry my skin and liberally apply lotion also in my favorite scent all over my body. I go into the bedroom to change into my nightgown, I turn on my clock radio and climb into the bed. I drift off to sleep thinking about my fantasy with a small smile upon my lips and wondering what my. dreams will be that night??:) and what else i will let you to see...?:)Ckristinea xvideos live porn webcam annabuum Ckristinea dcups4u video Ckristinea big sxxxx xxx teen videos download on sharing Ckristinea tropicanaxxx flv


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